Second Law (Deut. 12-16)

  1. Where were the Israelites to offer their burnt offerings and where not? (chap. 12)

  2. Why were Israelites not to eat blood? (chap. 12)

  3. What were the Israelites not to add to nor take from? (chap. 12)

  4. What was a test for a false prophet found in chapter 13?

  5. Who all were the Israelites to turn against if they turned to idolatry? (chap. 13)

  6. Who all was to receive the tithe every third year? (chap. 14)

  7. On what condition would there be no poor among the Israelites? (chap. 15)

  8. What does the expression 'eye be evil/hostile' mean in the context of chapter 15? (not in NIV)

  9. What statement about the poor from chapter 15 did Jesus repeat shortly before he died?

  10. For how long were the Israelites to eat the Passover with unleavened bread? (chap. 16)

  11. How should one not appear before the Lord? How much should one give to the Lord? (chap. 16)

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