Second Law (Deut. 17-22)

1. What restriction was placed on animals with blemishes? (chap. 17)

2. How many witnesses did it take to put someone to death? Who should be first to kill them? (chap. 17)

3. What two things was the king to do with the book of the law? (chap. 17)

4. What kind of prophet was God going to raise up in the future? (chap. 18)

5. What was a test for a false prophet found in chapter 18?

6. What kinds of trees were the Israelites not to use to make seigeworks? (chap. 20)

7. What was a captive woman to do before she could be made a wife? (chap. 21)

8. What was the first-born to receive? (chap. 21)

9. What was to happen to the body of a man who was hanged on a tree? What was that man's status with God? (chap. 21)

10-11. What was to happen to a man and a woman who had sex if:

  1. she was married to someone else?
  2. she was engaged to someone else and it was in the city?
  3. she was engaged to someone else and it was in the country?
  4. she was neither married nor engaged? (chap. 22)

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