Second Law (Deut. 23-30)

  1. What was an Israelite to do with an escaped slave? (chap. 23)

  2. To whom could Israelites lend with interest? Whom could they not charge interest? (chap. 23)

  3. For what reason could a man divorce his wife under the law of Moses? (chap. 24)

  4. What rule about putting to death fathers and children is found in the law of Moses? (chap. 24)

  5. What was the maximum number of stripes that could be given to a man being punished? (chap. 25)

  6. When was an ox not to be muzzled? (chap. 25)

  7. What happened to a man who refused to marry his brother's wife when the brother died childless? (chap. 25)

  8. What was a person who did not do all the words of the law? (chap. 27)

  9. To what depths would women be reduced if they people would not serve the Lord and do His commandments? (chap. 28)

  10. What knowledge belongs to God? What belongs to us? (chap. 29)

  11. Where was God's commandment? Where was it not? (chap. 30)

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