Abraham (Gen. 20-23)

  1. What king of Gerar started to take Sarah as his wife?

  2. What two reasons (excuses?) did Abraham give for saying that Sarah was his sister?

  3. How old was Abraham when Isaac was born?

  4. Through whom did God say that Abraham's descendants would be named/called/reckoned?

  5. What did the angel of God tell Hagar that He would make Ishmael?

  6. When did Abraham leave home to sacrifice his son Isaac?

  7. What did God say that He came to know about Abraham because of his willingness to sacrifice Isaac?

  8. By what did God say that all the nations of the earth would be blessed?

  9. How old was Sarah when she died? How old was Issac at that time?

  10. What did Ephron say that Abraham also had to buy in order to get a burial place for his wife? What verb was used in the negotiations by Ephron and Abraham to refer to the exchange?

  11. Where did Abraham bury his wife Sarah?

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