Abram (Gen. 11:27-15:21)

  1. What were the names of Abram's father, brothers, and nephew?

  2. What city was Abram from? In what city did his father die?

  3. How old was Abram when he left Haran for Canaan?

  4. Who took Sarai for his wife in Egypt?

  5. What reason did Abram give Lot as to why their herdsmen should not fight?

  6. Near what city did Lot pitch his tent? At what city did Abram pitch his tent?

  7. How many trained men did Abram have in his household that he took to rescue Lot from Chedorlaomer?

  8. What did Melchizedek king of Salem bring to Abram? What did Abram give him?

  9. Before Abram had any sons, who was supposed to inherit his property? What was his status?

  10. What was God's response to Abram's faith in God's promise of many descendants?

  11. What did Abram do with the animals that God told him to bring? What passed between the pieces?

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