Creation (Gen. 1-2)

  1. What was on the face/surface of the deep? What moved over the face/surface of the waters?

  2. In what order do morning and evening appear in the creation?

  3. What did the firmament/expanse separate? What was it named?

  4. How do the first three days of creation relate to the second three days?

  5. In what was man made? What two types of man were made?

  6. What command did God give to mankind at first?

  7. What did God do on the seventh day?

  8. What did God form man from? What did He breathe into his nostrils?

  9. For what purpose did God put man in the garden of Eden? What negative command did he give man at that time?

  10. From what did God make woman?

  11. What conclusion about marriage is drawn from this account of creation?

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