Final Admonition and Death of Moses (Deut. 31-34)

  1. How old was Moses when he commissioned Joshua? (chap. 31)

  2. What similar admonition did Moses give the people and Joshua? (chap. 31)

  3. What was supposed to happen at the Feast of Booths every seven years? (chap. 31)

  4. How much did Moses write in a book? What did Moses command the Levites to do with the book (chap. 31)

  5. What three things did Moses say the Israelites sacrifices to and worshiped that made God jealous? (chap. 32)

  6. Who does God say should take revenge? (chap. 32)

  7. What reasons did God give as to why Moses would die rather than entering the land of Canaan? (chap. 32)

  8. On what mountain did Moses view the land and die? What was the name of the peak on the mountain? What city was it across the Jordan from? (chap. 34)

  9. Where was Moses buried? Who buried him? (chap. 34)

  10. What physical condition was Moses in when he died? (chap. 34)

  11. How long did the Israelites mourn for Moses at his death? (chap. 34)

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