The Exodus (Ex. 12:37-15:27)

  1. How many Israelite men left Egypt?

  2. How long had the Israelites lived in Egypt (or, Egypt and Canaan)?

  3. Who was to eat the Passover and who was restricted from eating it?

  4. For how many days were the Israelites to eat unleavened bread?

  5. What reason were the Israelites to tell their sons as to why they ate unleavened bread at the Passover?

  6. What went before the Israelites by day and what went before them by night?

  7. With how many picked chariots and how many other chariots did Pharaoh pursue the Israelites?

  8. What words of encouragement did Moses give the Israelites when they complained that it would have been better to have kept serving the Egyptians that to die in the wilderness?

  9. What did God do so that the Israelites could cross the Red Sea?

  10. What two things did God do to the Egyptians so that they could not follow the Israelites across the sea?

  11. Who led the Israelite women in song after the Egyptians perished?

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