The Exodus (Ex. 16-19)

  1. What kind of meat did God provide for the Israelites?

  2. What does the word 'manna' mean?

  3. How much manna were people to gather on a regular day? On Friday? On the Sabbath?

  4. What did manna look like and taste like?

  5. What did God tell Moses to do to the rock at Horeb to produce water while the people were camped at Rephidim?

  6. Who led the fight against the Amalekites?

  7. Who held up Moses' hands while Israel fought the Amalekites?

  8. What were the names of Moses' father-in-law, wife, and two sons?

  9. What suggestion did Moses' father-in-law give Moses to help him judge the people?

  10. What kind of relationship did God promise the Israelites that they would have with Him if they would obey His voice and keep His covenant?

  11. What was Mount Sinai like on the "morning of the third day"? What were the people commanded not to do to the mountain?

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