The Fall (Gen. 3-4)

  1. What words did the woman add to God's command when she told the snake about it?

  2. What three things did the woman see about the tree that made her tempted to eat of its fruit?

  3. What was the first knowledge that came to the man and woman after they ate of the the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil?

  4. What two did Adam blame for his sin?

  5. What curse did God put on the snake? What would the seed of woman do to the snake?

  6. What curse did God put on the woman?

  7. What curse did God put on the man?

  8. What sacrifices did Cain and Abel each bring to the Lord?

  9. What reply did Cain give when God asked him where Abel was?

  10. What did God do to Cain to keep others from killing him?

  11. What child did Eve see as a replacement for Abel?

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