The Flood (Gen. 6-9)

  1. What was it about man's wickedness that made God sorry that he had made man?

  2. Out of what two materials did God tell Noah to make an ark? What were its dimensions? How many decks did it have?

  3. How many clean animals was Noah to take into the ark? How many unclean animals? How many birds?

  4. How old was Noah when the flood started?

  5. For how many days did it rain? How many more days did the ark float?

  6. Where did the ark come to rest?

  7. What two kinds of birds did Noah send out? How many times did he send them out in all?

  8. Math question: How long was Noah in the ark?

  9. What did God tell Noah that he must not eat?

  10. What was the sign of the covenant that God made with Noah?

  11. Who did Noah curse?

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