Purification, Sex, Holiness (Leviticus 10-15, 18-19)

1. Why were Nadab and Abihu killed? What was forbidden after their death that may help explain their behavior? (chap. 10)

2-3. What were the test for clean animals for each of the following groups? (chap. 11) -- [double credit]

  1. walkers (four-footed)
  2. swimmers
  3. flyers
  4. winged insects
  5. scurriers/swarmers

4. When was a male child to be circumcised? When was a sacrifice to be offered for his mother's purification? (chap. 12)

5. What was considered able to get leprosy in Old Testament times? (chap. 13-14)

6. Was it considered incest to marry a first cousin under the old law? (you have to figure this one out from chap. 18)

7. List five relatives with whom sex was forbidden (chap. 18).

8. Which sexual sin in Leviticus 18 is specifically termed an abomination?

9. Why were the Israelites to be holy? (chap. 19)

10. Why were the fields and vineyards not to be fully harvested? (chap. 19)

11. What two classifications were the Israelites to love as they loved themselves? (chap. 19)

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