Jacob (Gen. 33-35)

  1. What did Esau do to Jacob when they met?

  2. To what region did Esau return? To what city did Jacob go and buy some land?

  3. What did Shechem do to Dinah?

  4. What did Dinah's brothers tell Shechem he would have to do to marry Dinah?

  5. What did Dinah's brothers do to Shechem, and why were they able to do it so easily?

  6. What did Jacob take up from the members of his household and bury?

  7. How did God describe Himself to Jacob at Bethel?

  8. Where did Rachel die?

  9. What did Rachel name her last son? What did Jacob name him?

  10. What did Reuben do that later lost him his birthright?

  11. How old was Isaac when he died?
Note: Be prepared on the midterm to name the twelve sons of Jacob.
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