Joseph (Gen. 37-40)

  1. How old was Joseph when he was sold into slavery?

  2. What had bowed down to Joseph in his dreams? Who did they represent?

  3. To whom did Joseph's brothers sell him?

  4. What did Joseph's brothers do with his special robe?

  5. What did Onan do that displeased God?

  6. How did Tamar dress that made Judah think that she was a prostitute?

  7. What were the names of Judah's children through Tamar? According to Matthew, which one was Jesus decended from?

  8. What was the name of Joseph's master in Egypt?

  9. How did Joseph keep from committing adultery:

    1. on a day by day basis?

    2. in a crisis situation?

  10. Who was put in prison with Joseph?

  11. What did the three vine branches and the three bread baskets represent in the two dreams that Joseph interpreted?

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