Joseph (Gen. 41-44)

  1. What happened to the good cows in Pharoah's dream?

  2. Why did Pharoah have two dreams with the same meaning?

  3. How old was Joseph when he was exalted to the service of Pharoah?

  4. What did Joseph name his first two sons?

  5. What caused Joseph to remember the dreams he had as a boy?

  6. Of what did Joseph accuse his brothers?

  7. Which brother had to stay in prison?

  8. Which brother convinced Jacob to let Benjamin go with them to Egypt?

  9. Why were three separate tables set up at the meal at Joseph's house?

  10. What did Joseph have his steward put in:

    1. all the sacks of his brothers?

    2. his brother Benjamin's sack?

  11. Which brother tried to convince Joseph to let him take Benjamin's place?

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