Wilderness Journeys (Numbers 10:11-14, 16-17, 20-25)

  1. Who served as a guide in the wilderness for the Israelites? (chap. 10)

  2. On how many elders of Israel did God place some of his Spirit? Who prophesied in the camp? (chap. 11)

  3. Who opposed Moses at Hazeroth and why? What was the punishment? (chap. 12)

  4. How many spies were chosen to visit Canaan? What good and bad reports did they bring back? (chap. 13)

  5. Who among the spies encouraged the people not to rebel against God? What was the people's punishment for rebelling? (chap. 14)

  6. What happened to the people when they attempted to do God's original command after He had changed it? (chap. 14)

  7. How did Korah, Dathan, and Abiram die? How did the 250 men offering incense die? (chap. 16)

  8. What all happened to Aaron's rod to show that he was to be the high priest chosen by God? (chap. 17)

  9. How did Moses sin against God? What was his punishment? (chap. 20)

  10. How were the people saved when God sent fiery serpents among them because of their murmuring? (chap. 21)

Bonus: What attitude that was commendable did Balaam show when first asked to curse the Israelites? In what way was it later modified? (chap. 22)

Bonus 2: What notable event happened to try to deter Balaam from sinning? How many times did Balaam bless the Israelites? (chap. 22-24)

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