Various Laws (Numbers 5, 15:37-39, 18, 28-30, 35)

  1. If a person had leprosy, where was that person to live? (chap. 5)

  2. If a person made restitution for a sin, how much was he or she to pay back? What was that person to do before restitution was made? (chap. 5)

  3. What was a woman to drink if her husband was jealous and took her to the priest? (chap. 5)

  4. What were people to wear on the corners of their garments? What color was to be found in them? (chap. 15)

  5. Who was to receive the offerings of the Israelites? (chap. 18)

  6. Who was to receive the tithes of the Israelites? To whom were they to pay tithes? (chap. 18)

  7. What was to be offered every day as a continual burnt offering and when were they to be offered? (chap. 28)

  8. What extra sacrifices were to be offered on the sabbath? (chap. 28)

  9. On what feast or fast days were extra sacrifices to be offered? (chap. 28-29)

  10. How might a husband or father loose a vow which a wife or daughter had made? (chap. 30)

Bonus: Name at least two restrictions which were placed on the execution of those who killed another. (chap. 35)

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