Moses (Ex. 1-4)

  1. What ignorance on the part of the new king of Egypt led to the enslaving of the Israelites?

  2. What was the king's first plan to control the population of the Israelites?

  3. How long was Moses hidden after he was born?

  4. Who nursed Moses as a child? Whose son was he known as?

  5. Why did Moses flee from Egypt?

  6. Who did Moses marry? How many sisters did she have?

  7. When Moses first saw the burning bush, what did God tell him to do and why?

  8. What sign did God tell Moses would be given him so that he might know that God had sent him?

  9. By what two names did God reveal Himself to Moses?

  10. What three signs did God give Moses to convince the Israelites that God had sent him?

  11. Name two excuses that Moses gave as to why God should not send him.

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