Ten Plagues (Ex. 5-8)

  1. How far into the wilderness did Moses and Aaron initially ask for the Israelites to go in order to worship God?

  2. What punishment did Pharaoh put on the Israelites in response to the request of Moses and Aaron?

  3. By what name did God say that He had appeared to Abraham, Issac, and Jacob? By what name did he not make Himself known?

  4. What were the names of the four sons of Aaron?

  5. How old were Moses and Aaron when they spoke to Pharaoh about letting the Israelites go?

  6. What happened to the rods/staffs of Pharaoh's magicians?

  7. When did Pharaoh say that the plague of frogs should be taken away from the land?

  8. Who hardened Pharaoh's heart after the plague of frogs was removed?

  9. What was the assessment of Pharaoh's magicians after the plague of gnats came?

  10. What difference did God make between the land of Goshen and the rest of Egypt in the plague of flies?

  11. Who hardened Pharaoh's heart after the plague of flies was removed?

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