Sermon of Moses (Deut. 1-11)

  1. What reason did Moses give the judges of Israel as to why they should not be afraid of men? (chap. 1)

  2. What command did the Israelites receive about the unchangableness of God's word? (chap. 4)

  3. What danger did God warn the Israelites against that involved their children? (chap. 4)

  4. What reason does God give as to why the Israelites were not to make a graven image? (chap. 4)

  5. What promise were the Israelites given about seeking the LORD? (chap. 4)

  6. What reason does God give as to why the Israelites should keep the sabbath day holy? (chap. 5)

  7. What is the most significant command found in Deuteronomy? How was it to be remembered? (chap. 6)

  8. What had God chosen the Israelites to be? (chap. 7)

  9. What blessing did God promise the Israelites if they would obey Him that related to Egypt? (chap. 7)

  10. Why did the Israelites possess the land? What was not a reason why they possessed the land? (chap. 9)

Bonus 1: What were the Israelites to circumcise? (chap. 10)

Bonus 2: What scriptures from this reading did Jesus quote when he was tempted by Satan in the wilderness? (chaps. 6-8)

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