The Tabernacle (Ex. 25-32)

  1. From whom was Moses to receive an offering to build the tabernacle?

  2. What was the ark of the covenant made out of? What was it overlaid with?

  3. What was the lid of the ark made out of? What sat on either end of the lid?

  4. What was the lid of the ark called?

  5. How many lamps did the lampstand hold? How much did it weigh?

  6. In what way was Moses told to erect the tabernacle that gets quoted in the book of Hebrews?

  7. What two rooms did the veil or curtain separate in the tabernacle?

  8. What two items were put in the breastplate of judgment that was worn by the high priest?

  9. How was the golden calf made and how did Aaron say it was made?

  10. What kinds of acts of worship did the Israelites engage in to worship the golden calf?

  11. What did the Levites do to appoint themselves to the service of God after the worship of the golden calf?
Be prepared to label a diagram of the furnishings of the tabernacle on the final exam.
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