After the Flood and the Tower of Babel (Gen. 9, 11:1-9)

  1. What three things did God command Noah and his sons to do when he blessed them?

  2. What did God give Noah and his family for food?

  3. What did God say should happen to those who kill another person? Why?

  4. What promise did God make in His covenant with Noah?

  5. What did Noah do that led to his son Ham seeing him naked?

  6. After Noah, how many languages did people speak?

  7. Out of what two things did the people build a tower and city?

  8. What result did the people want to see from building a tower? What did they not want to happen?

  9. What did God do to stop the building of the tower?

  10. Why was the name of the tower called Babel?

  11. Where were people scattered to after the tower of Babel?

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