Study Questions
Revelation 12-14

  1. For how long was the child's mother taken care of in the wilderness?

  2. Who won the battle in heaven? What happened to Satan?

  3. What did the dragon do to the woman the first time, and how did she escape?

  4. What did the dragon do to the woman the second time, and how did she escape?

  5. Where did the first beast come from?

  6. What kinds of words did the beast speak and for how long?

  7. Who was the beast allowed to make war with?

  8. Where did the second beast come from?

  9. What did the second beast do?
    	v. 12
    	v. 13
    	v. 14
    	v. 15
    	v. 16

  10. What did the first angel flying in midheaven have to proclaim?

  11. What was the message of the second angel who followed?

  12. Who did the third angel who followed say would drink the wine of God's anger? What would they suffer?

  13. How did John describe the one seated on the white cloud?

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