Study Questions
Revelation 20

  1. Why was the devil bound in the abyss or bottomless pit?

  2. For how long must he be loosed or set free?

  3. Who was seated on the thrones that John saw?

  4. What is the fifth blessing found in the book of Revelation?

  5. What two nations are mentioned as being among those at the four corners of the earth?

  6. How were the nations defeated?

  7. How is hell described as to its character and time?

  8. What all fled from the presence of the One on the throne?

  9. Who did John see standing before the throne?

  10. What did John see opened before the throne?

  11. Who all gave up the dead in them?

  12. What happened to death and hades?

  13. Who was thrown into the lake of fire?

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