Study Questions
Revelation 21-22

  1. What happened to the sea?

  2. What did John see coming down out of heaven?

  3. What will be the condition of things when God dwells with His people?

  4. What kind of foundation did the city have?

  5. When are the gates closed? When is it night?

  6. Who enters and who will not enter the city?

  7. How does John describe the river of the water of life? Where does it flow from?

  8. What is the sixth blessing of Revelation?

  9. What did John try to do to the angel? What was the angel's response?

  10. What was John told about sealing up the book?

  11. What is the seventh blessing of Revelation?

  12. Who is outside the city?

  13. What terms does Jesus use to describe Himself?

  14. How does the book of Revelation end?

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