Revelation 6-7

  1. What was the rider of the black horse told not to hurt?

  2. What color horse came out when the Lamb opened the fourth seal? (Careful: Full credit answer found only in Phillips, NRSV, some interlinears and commentaries)

  3. For how long were the martyrs told to rest after the fifth seal was opened?

  4. What did the important people of the earth say to the mountains and the rocks after the sixth seal was opened?

  5. How many were sealed and where?

  6. From which tribe of Israel was no one sealed?

  7. Where was the great multitude that John saw before the throne from?

  8. In what was the great multitude clothed?

  9. What experience had the great multitude come out of?

  10. What was washed in the blood of the lamb?

  11. What would God wipe away?

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