Study Questions
Revelation 8-9

  1. When the Lamb opened the seventh seal, what initially happened?

  2. What was the angel at the altar given, and what did he mix it with?

  3. What was destroyed when the first trumpet blew?

  4. What was destroyed when the second trumpet blew?

  5. What was destroyed when the third trumpet blew?

  6. What was the name of the star that fell when the third trumpet blew?

  7. What was destroyed when the fourth trumpet blew?

  8. What did the eagle cry after the first four trumpets had blown?

  9. What was the star given which fell after the fifth trumpet was blown? What did he do with it?

  10. Who and for how long did the locusts from the smoke torture?

  11. What did the locusts look and sound like?
    1. on their heads
    2. faces
    3. hair
    4. teeth
    5. skin
    6. wings
    7. tails

  12. Who was king over the locusts? (give his title, Hebrew name, and Greek name)

  13. Who was to be released when the sixth trumpet blew? Where had they been bound? What were they to kill when released?

  14. How many cavalry came out in John's vision? What were the colors of their breastplates?

  15. What did people who were not killed not repent of?

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