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Romans 11

  1. What is the first reason that Paul gives to show that God has not rejected His people?


  2. What part of Israel is chosen by grace?


  3. If God's choosing is based on grace, what is it not based on?


  4. What is one reason relating to the Jews that Paul gives as to why salvation has come to the Gentiles?


  5. What would acceptance of Christ by the Jews mean?


  6. Why were the branches of Israel broken off?


  7. What two aspects of God in His actions? What condition is the good aspect based on?


  8. To what two kinds of trees does Paul compare Jews and Gentiles?


  9. For how long has a hardening come upon a part of Israel?


  10. What two things are irrevocable?


  11. Why has God consigned all men to disobedience?


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