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Romans 14

  1. What are Christians to do for those weak in the faith? What are they not to do?


  2. Over what two issues were the Roman Christians in dispute? What third issue does Paul mention toward the end of the chapter?


  3. What two attitudes were Roman Christians showing toward one another?


  4. Why does Paul say that the servant of Christ will be upheld (i.e. made to stand)?


  5. For what purpose did Christ die and live again?


  6. Who will stand before the judgment seat of God?


  7. What does Paul want Christians to decide never to do?


  8. In what situation might a food that is not unclean in itself be unclean?


  9. When can one be sure that he or she is no longer acting or walking in love?


  10. What does the kingdom of God not mean? What does it mean?


  11. Why is the person who has doubts about what he eats condemned if he goes ahead and eats?


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