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Romans 15

  1. Whom should the strong bear with? Whom should they not please?


  2. Why were things written down in the Old Testament?


  3. What are Christians to do together with one voice?


  4. In what way should Christians welcome/accept/recieve one another?


  5. For what three reasons did Christ become a servant to the circumcised?

  6. What three things was Paul convinced about the Roman Christians?


  7. Why did Paul exercise his priestly duty/service of preaching the gospel of God to the Gentiles?


  8. What was Paul's ambition in preaching?


  9. Where did Paul hope to go as his next mission field?


  10. For whom was he taking up a collection in the meantime?


  11. For what two things did Paul appeal to the Romans to strive together with him in their prayers?


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