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Romans 16

  1. How does Paul describe Phoebe in her role at Cenchreae?


  2. How does Paul describe Phoebe in her role toward himself and others?


  3. Who does Paul say had risked their necks/lives for him?


  4. What met in their house?


  5. Who were of note among the apostles?


  6. How many of the twenty-six people whom Paul greets at Rome were women?


  7. Did the Roman church usually gather in one place or in various houses?


  8. Who did Paul warn the Roman Christians to take note of (to mark) or to watch out for?


  9. Who was Paul's helper in writing the letter?


  10. Who was host to the whole church at Corinth?


  11. Through what had the mystery long kept secret now been made known to all nations? What was its revelation designed to bring about?


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