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Romans 2

  1. What does Paul say that the person who passes judgment on others while doing the same things not have?


  2. What is the purpose of God's kindness?


  3. What does the person with a hard and unrepentant heart store up for him- or herself?


  4. Who will receive God's wrath and fury/anger?


  5. What will happen to those who sin apart from the law?


  6. Who does Paul say are those who are not justified, that is, declared righteous, in relation to the law? Who are justified?


  7. What two things do the thoughts of those who do not have the law do?


  8. What four things did Jews consider themselves to be?


  9. How do those who boast in the law dishonor God?


  10. How does God regard the circumcision of those who break the law?


  11. On what is real circumcision performed?


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