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Romans 7

  1. How long is the law binding on a person?


  2. How long is a married woman bound to her husband?


  3. To what have Christians died?


  4. For what purpose relating to Christians was Christ raised from the dead?


  5. What was aroused by the law that caused those in fleshly nature to bear fruit for death?


  6. What is a Christian's current relationship to the law?


  7. Which of the Ten Commandments proved a snare to Paul?


  8. What word (in its subjective, objective, and possessive forms) occurs over 30 times in chapter 7?


  9. How does Paul describe the law? How does he describe the commandment?


  10. Even though the law is spiritual, what does Paul say that he is?


  11. To what law within us have we been made prisoners or captives?


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