Scripture Search On Life After Death

  1. Where did the king of Babylon go when he died? Is. 14:4, 9-11

  2. Where did the rich man and Lazarus go when they died? Luke 16:22-23

  3. What separated the rich man and Lazarus? Luke 16:26

  4. Where did Jesus go when he died? Luke 23:43

  5. Where was Jesus's soul not left? Acts 2:27, 31

  6. Do the dead stay in Hades forever? Rev. 20:13

  7. What will happen to the body when Jesus comes again? I Cor. 15:51-54; I Thess. 4:15-17

  8. What will the judgment be like when Jesus comes? Rev. 20:11-13

  9. What will happen to the wicked after the judgment? Rev. 20:14-15; Matt. 25:41, 46

  10. What will happen to the righteous after the judgment? Matt. 25:34, 46; John 14:2-3

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