Scripture Search On The Form And Recipients Of Baptism

  1. Was Jesus pleased with little children? Did He want adults to become like them? Matt. 18:3; Mark 10:13-16

  2. Where do babies go when they die? II Sam. 12:22-23

  3. Are children responsible for the sins of their parents? Ezek. 18:20

  4. Who is a fitting subject for baptism? Does this include children and/or babies? Mark 16:16

  5. What does a person have to have to be raised with Christ in baptism? Col. 2:12

  6. When a person is baptized, what two things happen to him? Col. 2:12

  7. How many kinds of Christian baptism are there? Eph. 4:4-5

  8. What is needed to baptize a person? John 3:23; Acts 10:47

  9. Of what two things does baptism consist? Do sprinkling, pouring, or immersion consist of these? Rom. 6:4

  10. Why did both Philip and the eunuch go out into the water? Acts 8:28-39

  11. Do the words for pouring, sprinkling, and dipping in the Bible refer to different things? Lev. 4:6-7, 17-18

    Note: the Greek word for baptize is baptizo; the word for dip in the Greek Old Testament here is bapto, for sprinkle is rhantizo, and for pour is ekcheo.

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