Scripture Search On The Object And Purpose Of Baptism

  1. What was the jailor told that he needed to do to be saved? Acts 16:29-31

  2. How did the jailor respond to the preaching? How did he show his repentance? Acts 16:32-34

  3. What does Paul say leads to salvation? What produces this? II Cor. 7:10

  4. What does Paul say is needed to be saved? Rom. 10:9-10

  5. What does Jesus say a person needs to do to be saved? Mark 16:16

  6. What does Peter say that baptism does for a person? I Pet. 3:21

  7. What two blessings does God give to those who repent and are baptized? Acts 2:38 (cf. Matt. 26:28)

  8. What was Paul told would happen to his sins when he was baptized? Acts 22:16

  9. What must one do in order to rise like Christ did? Rom. 6:3-5

  10. What does Paul say a person is baptized into? Rom. 6:3-5; Gal. 3:27

  11. How does a person get into Christ's body? I Cor. 12:13

  12. Into whose name is a person baptized? Matt. 28:19; Acts 2:38

  13. Is a person supposed to be baptized into something or someone else? I Cor. 1:13-15

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