Scripture Search On Dancing

  1. Was most dancing in the Bible for the purpose of celebration or entertainment? 2 Sam. 6:12-15; Psalm 149:3; Luke 15:25

  2. Was God pleased with the dancing that was for the purpose of pleasing self and entertainment? Ex. 32:19; Matt. 14:6

  3. What sin listed among the works of the flesh often involves dancing? Gal. 5:21

  4. Should Christians think about committing sexual sins? Why or why not? Matt. 5:27-28

  5. What should Christians do if something is leading them into sin? Matt. 5:29-30

  6. Should Christians engage in activities that tempt others to sin? Why or why not? Luke 17:1-2

  7. Under what circumstances should Christians who can do something without sinning refuse to do it? 1 Cor. 8:9-12

  8. What kind of things should Christians think about? Phil. 4:8

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