Scripture Search On Discipleship

  1. What are we to be made into? Matt. 28:19

  2. Who is a disciple to be like? Matt. 10:24-25

  3. Who all must a person love less than Jesus in order to be a disciple? Matt. 10:37; Luke 14:26

  4. What does a person have to carry to be Jesus' disciple? Luke 14:27

  5. What does a person have to do before he begins something? Luke 14:28-32

  6. What does it cost to be a disciple of Jesus? Luke 14:33

  7. What must a person do to be a true disciple of Jesus? John 8:31

  8. How will people know if we are disciples of Jesus? John 13:35 What must we do to prove that we are Jesus' disciples? John 15:8

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