Scripture Search On Euthanasia

  1. How were old people to be treated under the law of Moses? Lev. 19:32

  2. When Isaac was old, what was wrong with him? What did he ask his oldest son to get his weapons and do? Was it to kill him? Gen. 27:1-4

  3. When Job was sick, did he want to die? Did he decide to kill himself? What did he ask God for? Job 3:1, 11, 20-22; 6:8-9

  4. What should a Christian do when he or she suffers? Why? Rom. 5:3-5; James 1:2-4

  5. What is one purpose for suffering? II Cor. 1:8

  6. How does Paul characterize the suffering in this life? What is it preparing us for? II Cor. 4:16-18

  7. Why do people suffer trials in this life? I Peter 1:6-7

  8. Who are we imitating when we suffer? What is the result of suffering in this life? I Peter 4:1

  9. How are Christians to treat their older parents and grandparents? I Tim. 5:4

  10. What are Christians not to suffer as that relates to euthanasia? I Peter 4:15

  11. Against whom is the law laid down to control? I Tim. 1:9

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