Scripture Search On Honesty

  1. Which of the Ten Commandments have to do with honesty? Ex. 20

  2. What kind of spiritual belt are Christians to wear? Eph. 6:14

  3. What are Christians to speak and why? Eph. 4:25

  4. Why are Christians not to lie to one another? Col. 3:9-10

  5. What is one supposed to do rather than swearing to the truth of a statement? James 5:12

  6. What is one supposed to do rather than steal and why? Eph. 4:28

  7. What will happen to thieves and robbers? I Cor. 6:9-10

  8. How might one defraud his brother in a sexual manner? I Thess. 4:3-6

  9. What is the big lie that leads to other sins? Rom. 1:25

  10. How does one come to know the truth? John 8:31-32

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