Scripture Search On The Lord's Supper

  1. Who started the Lord's Supper? Matt. 26:26

  2. What does the bread represent? Matt. 26:26

  3. What does the cup represent? Matt. 26:27-28

  4. What is the Lord's Supper called?
    1. Acts 2:42--
    2. I Cor. 10:16--
    3. I Cor. 10:21--
    4. I Cor. 11:20--

  5. Is a person supposed to eat the Lord's Supper to satisfy hunger? I Cor. 11:34

  6. What does a person do when he eats the bread and drinks the cup? I Cor. 11:26

  7. What should a person do before he eats and drinks? I Cor. 11:28

  8. What should a person do while eating and drinking? I Cor. 11:29

  9. When did Christians gather to eat the Lord's Supper? Acts 20:7

  10. Should a person eat the Lord's Supper often or seldom? I Cor. 11:25-26

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