Scripture Search On Once Saved, Always Saved

  1. Can we know that we have eternal life? I John 5:13

  2. Can any outside force, person, or thing separate us from God's love? Romans 8:38-39

  3. Is it possible for a Christian to fall from God's grace? Gal. 5:4

  4. Is the unrighteous Christian going to inherit God's kingdom? I Cor. 6:9-10

  5. What will happen to the branch who does not remain in Christ? John 15:5-6

  6. What happens to people who twist the meaning of the scriptures? II Peter 3:15-17

  7. Is it possible to depart from the faith? How? I Tim. 4:1-3

  8. Can a person wander away from the faith? Why would they? I Tim. 6:7-10

  9. Can a person drift away from the message of God's word? Heb. 2:1-3

  10. Is there something a person can do to insure that he or she will never fall? What? II Peter 1:5-11

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