Scripture Search On Church Organization

  1. What kinds of ministers has God given to the church? Eph. 4:11

  2. What were the qualifications for a person to become an apostle? Acts 1:21-22; I Cor. 9:1; 15:8

  3. What will happen to prophesying? I Cor. 13:8

  4. What are the qualifications for a minister or an evangelist? II Tim. 2:24-25; 4:2, 5

  5. Who did Paul tell to pastor, tend, or shepherd the church? I Peter 5:1-3; Acts 20:17, 28

  6. What is the difference between an elder and a bishop (overseer)? Acts 20:28; Titus 1:5-7

  7. What are the qualifications for a bishop or elder? Can an unmarried man be an elder? Titus 1:5-9; I Tim. 3:1-7

  8. Was just one man ever appointed an elder over a church? Titus 1:5; Acts 14:23; Phil. 1:1

  9. What are the qualifications for deacons? I Tim. 3:8-13

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