Scripture Search On Prophets

Note: God speaks to us all through His word. People to whom God speaks directly, by putting the words directly in their head, are called prophets.

  1. In what two situations were the Israelites told not to listen to a person who claimed to be a prophet?
    1. Deut. 13:1-3
    2. Deut. 18:22

  2. From what four sources did God tell Jeremiah that the prophets of his time were getting their prophecies?
    1. Jer. 23:16
    2. Jer. 23:26
    3. Jer. 23:27-28
    4. Jer. 23:30

  3. What did God call the prophesies of most of the prophets of Jeremiah's time? Jer. 27:14-15

  4. What kind of prophecy did Jeremiah tell Hananiah that one could not be sure about until it happened? What did prophets usually prophesy about? Jer. 28:8-9

  5. Should a person trust his or her own heart? Why or why not? Jer. 17:9

  6. What things did God say that he would remove from the land? Zech. 13:2

  7. What kind of prophets did Jesus say would come? Matt. 24:24

  8. What did John say one was to do to the prophets? I John 4:1

  9. Some people say that the word "when" in I Cor. 13:10 means that prophecy will not pass away (cf. v. 8) until Jesus comes. Does "when" imply this? (Hint: compare the second "when" in verse 11)

  10. For whose benefit did prophets usually speak? I Pet. 1:12

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