Scripture Search On Racism

  1. Where do the different races come from? Acts 17:26-27

  2. Did the descendants of Cain survive the flood? If not, who did? Compare Gen. 5 with Gen. 7:23; 9:18-19

  3. Whom did Noah curse when his son Ham saw him drunk and naked? Gen. 9:24-25

  4. Whom did Joshua make hewers of wood and drawers of water? Joshua 9:17-21

  5. Why did God not want the Israelites to make covenants with nor intermarry with foreigners? Exodus 34:12-16

  6. Why did Miriam and Aaron speak against their brother Moses? Was God pleased with this? Num. 12:1, 9-10

  7. Of what race was Ruth? Why was it not wrong for Boaz to marry Ruth? Ruth 1:4, 16-17

  8. What did Jesus do that violated the social divisions of His time? John 4:9

  9. What lesson did Peter learn from the vision of the sheet containing unclean animals? Acts 10:28, 34-35

  10. Did Gentiles have to be circumcised so as to become Jews in order to be saved? If not, what did they have to do? Acts 15:1, 28-29

  11. Does God recognize racial differences as far as Christianity is concerned? Gal. 3:28; Col. 3:11

  12. Is it right or wrong to call a church after a racial group name? Rom. 15:4

  13. Do some cultures have sins that affect almost everybody? Is it wrong to point this out? Titus 1:12-13

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