Scripture Search On The Importance Of Restoration

  1. In II Chron. 29-31, to what extent did Hezekiah restore the Passover observance? II Chron. 30:26

  2. In II Kings 22-23 and II Chron. 34-35, to what extent did Josiah restore the Passover observance? II Chron. 35:18; II Kings 23:22

  3. In Neh. 8, to what extent did Ezra and Nehemiah restore the observance of the Feast of Booths? Neh. 8:17

  4. How many times has the faith been delivered to the saints? Jude 3

  5. What did Paul say that some of the Ephesian elders would do to some of the disciples? Acts 20:29-30

  6. What did the Holy Spirit say that some would do in later times? I Tim. 4:1-3

  7. What would some people who can't stand healthy teaching do? II Tim. 4:3-4

  8. Why did Paul leave Titus in Crete? Titus 1:5

  9. If something is wrong, what can be used profitably to correct or restore it? II Tim. 3:16

  10. What are Christians not to go beyond? I Cor. 4:6 (not KJV)

  11. How are Christians supposed to speak? I Peter 4:11

  12. Is it acceptable merely to get the external things restored? Jer. 7:3, 9-10

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