Scripture Search On Christian Violence

  1. What does Jesus say to do if someone hits you on the cheek? Matt. 5:39; Luke 6:29

  2. What response does Jesus say to give one who is evil? Matt. 5:39

  3. How does Jesus say one should treat his or her enemies and persecutors? Matt. 5:44

  4. What did Jesus tell Peter when he tried to defend Him with a sword? Matt. 26:52

  5. How are Christians to live with others? Rom. 12:18

  6. Who is to take revenge? Rom. 12:19

  7. How does Paul say one is to treat his or her enemies? Rom. 12:20

  8. Against whom do Christians fight? Eph. 6:12

  9. Did Christians ever serve as soldiers in the New Testament? If so, who? Acts 10:1, 48

  10. What are government authorities to do to those who do wrong? Why? Rom. 13:4

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