Scripture Search On Who Will Be Saved

  1. Will ignorance be an excuse in the day of judgment? Acts 17:30-31

  2. Although Cornelius was a good man, was there anything else than pray and give to charity that God wanted Cornelius to do? Acts 10:1-4, 34-35, 43, 48

  3. Is God's wrath going to let some wickedness go unpunished? Rom. 1:18

  4. Can people who never heard of God be excused from believing in Him? Why or why not? Rom. 1:19-20

  5. Is it possible that a person's thoughts might excuse him from some sins? Will they? Rom. 2:12-16

  6. Can anybody claim to be sinless? Rom. 3:9-12

  7. How must people be saved? Rom. 3:23-25

  8. Is there any other name than Jesus by which we can be saved? Acts 4:12

  9. Will a person be saved by his faith alone? James 2:18-19, 24

  10. Will everyone who calls Jesus his Lord be saved? Who will be? Matt. 7:21-23

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