Scripture Search On The Role Of Women

  1. What are some of the tasks that women were involved in during and immediately after the ministry of Jesus? Luke 8:2-3; 10:40; John 12:2; Acts 1:14

  2. To whom did Jesus first appear after His resurrection? Mark 16:9

  3. What women are mentioned as prophesying? Acts 2:17; 21:9; I Cor. 11:5

  4. What women are mentioned as being apostles (missionaries) or with apostles? Rom. 16:7; I Cor. 9:5

  5. What women had worked by Paul's side in spreading the gospel? Philp. 4:2-3

  6. What are unmarried Christian women concerned about? I Cor. 7:34

  7. What woman is listed as being a servant (deacon [?]) of the church at Cenchreae? What evidence do you see that she was either a deaconess or an ordinary servant? Rom. 16:1

  8. Thought question: "Women" in I Tim. 3:11 could grammatically refer to either "wives of deacons" or "women deacons." What reasons can you think of that would support each understanding?

  9. What individuals or groups were taught by women in the New Testament? Acts 18:26; II Tim. 1:5; 3:14-15; Titus 2:3-5

  10. How were wives to win their husbands for Christ? I Pet. 3:1-6

  11. What two reasons does Paul give as to why a woman should not teach the scriptures publicly? I Tim. 2:11-15

  12. What did Paul tell men and women, respectively, that each of them were to do? Thought question: Can you think of any reason(s) why he should give each of them the commands he does? I Tim. 2:8-10

  13. What restriction does Paul place on women in I Cor. 14:33b-36 and why?

  14. What restrictions does Paul place on men and women in I Cor. 11:2-16 and why? Does this difference mean that men are better that women? Why?

  15. Ultimately what is the difference between men and women? Gal. 3:28

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