A Church Growth Study of the Zuni IndiansRalph Bruce Terry
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Table 7


    Letter           Name                       Position

      A          Jackie Simpson       wife of D
      B          Richard Wotton       Zuni High School English teacher
      C          Curtis Cook          Wycliffe Bible Translator
      D          H. B. Simpson        BIA employee: "Director of Resources"
      E          Carole Smidt         PHS employee: registered nurse
      F          Barbara Heidi        wife of FAA employee
      G          Rex Chimoni          Christian Reformed native evangelist
      H          Don Klompien         Christian Reformed pastor
      I          Niles Kraft          Catholic pastor
      J          Lery Wendling        Catholic associate pastor
      K          Pauline Cook         wife of C
      L          John Hubbard         Baptist pastor
      M          Mrs. Hubbard         wife of L

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